TESTIMONIALS about Kim Farrant from Actors:

YASMIN KASSIM (Neighbours, Jungle)
I had the pleasure of working with Kim prior to filming my supporting role as Kina opposite Daniel Radcliffe in ‘Jungle’ (Director: Greg McClean – Wolfcreek) and my goodness, am I glad I did. Not only did Kim help me to become more emotionally available under pressure and give me the tools to do it over and over again multiple times a day, but she did it in a way that made me feel safe, was easily accessible and came from an extremely real place. Kim made me feel more empowered than I ever have creatively as a woman, artist and sexual being and I feel has helped immensely with balancing my sensuality, vulnerability and strength.  My inner child is filled with joy every time I get to work with Kim, whether I am laughing or crying, we are in it together as a team to serve our art…and it really is just pure joy. I feel blessed to have Kim in my life and anyone that gets to be in her presence creatively whether it be as a director or a coach is extremely lucky. My heart, soul and every creative fibre in my being is filled with gratitude for the time I get to spend with Kim. I encourage any actor that wants to bring depth to their work, feed their soul and grow, to work with Kim and see for yourselves the transformative effects or her guidance. 🙂
ANITA HEGH (Janet King, Catching Milat, The Last Ride, Carlotta)
I am incredibly grateful to Kim Farrant. This is the work I’ve been needing for 20 years. Life has taught me that if I don’t deal with my stuff, I stay in pain. The same applies to my work;  if I don’t deal with what’s blocking me, my ability is limited. Kim provided a safe place to challenge my blocks and fears with incredible insight and emotional intelligence.  Her energy and commitment to each member of the group seemed boundless in her pursuit to uncover the issues that get in our way as artists. However this is not simply a cathartic experience.  Over the two workshops I have attended, RAW TRUTH and SEXUALITY ON SCREEN. Kim has provided me with practical tools I can use to keep freeing up the discoveries made. She’s also taught me how to mine the script energetically and creatively. Frankly, it makes everything else look a bit a bit boring. Looking forward to taking this work into my upcoming roles.

JEM NICHOLAS (Nominee Green Room award for best actress in a play – LOVE LOVE LOVE)
Kim Farrant has been my teacher and coach for three years now, and continues to be one of the most influential and inspiring people in my creative life. Her gift of intuition, and ability to create a safe working environment both in a classroom setting and privately is incredible. She has so much patience and understanding for her students, and knows exactly where to push them forward to achieve harmony with their character. 

Having recently participated in her Raw Truth master class, there were a few elements that really sang to me as unique. The first was the space she created. Kim is able to lay the foundations inside a classroom that later allow her students the full expression of their emotional life. You are never too much, or too loud, or too sensitive, or too angry. You can take off the mask and there is no judgment or consequence to be afraid of. Never did I feel, however, that it was just a demonstration of emotional power. Everything expressed was in service of removing our creative blocks; our resistance to being vulnerable, which in turn served our characters and the scenes. 

Kim is also a master of acting tools. Because she knows actors so well, and understands our language, she has accumulated a series of exercises and tasks that the actor can apply to any script that hook us into the world of the play. Basically – she gets you to stop ‘acting’ and start living from moment to moment. For me personally, this is a big step forward in my technique. I can re-create with each new character I am given, that strength of understanding and confidence in my own personal impulses. I can build up acting muscle because the results I get from these tools are consistent and trustworthy. And Kim can feel, intuitively, which particular tools work better for particular actors. Some artists, for example, lean more towards an analytical understanding of the text – so she will select certain tools that are perfect for them in that moment. What we then emerged with after her master class was a list of about ten powerful techniques that wash away pretense and make room for truth. 

In my private coaching with Kim, through something as simple as a Skype session, she has personally guided me to take inspiration in what makes me tick as an artist and individual. She has helped me immensely to see that I do not need to follow any particular ‘order’ or ‘method’ in my work. I don’t need to get caught up in acting books to try and get it right. Instead, I have a whole world of movement and imagination that I can harness in my work. Kim keeps urging me to see the unique quality of my expression, and she does so for so many other actors. This is so integral to the work – to have trust and love for who you are creatively and to live in the joy of acting, not the fear. 

Kim is never afraid to get her hands dirty with you. She is open, deeply nurturing and fiercely determined to fight for your right to express your sexuality, your voice and your heart. She sees acting as our birthright. I cannot stress enough the gift of these workshops. 

FAYE SMITH – NZ and Australia Working Actor (Star of Shortland Street)
“Kim is a highly intuitive Acting Coach. Every time I work with her I enter another realm of myself and the work. 

She teaches, encourages and inspires me to shed old patterns, beliefs and behaviours and step into new, uncharted territory; in both my craft and my life. 

The work is exhilarating, surprising and spontaneous all the while staying connected and grounded in the truth of the character and story. She was right there with me, nudging and guiding my journey through the scene. Kim has helped me strengthen my faith in my instincts and impulses and reminded me of the joy, fun and play there is to be had in acting. 

Her generosity, freedom of being and uncompromising commitment to finding the truth will shift and stretch you to your edges and to the beginnings of something new.  She has a powerful collection of tools and learning how and when to use them is absolutely invaluable.” 

DAN HAMILL – Working Actor/Singer (X Factor Finalist, Dr Blake Mr Mysteries, House Husbands)
“I knew if I wanted to actually call myself and actor I’d have to train like a crazy man, so after 3 years at WAAPA and 1 year full-time at 16th street in Melbourne, I was so damn lucky to have met one of the most influential people in my life- Kim Farrant. Being extremely fortunate, Kim took my under her wing and I have to say taught me the bulk of what I know in my craft and why I can confidently say now, I’m a working actor. Not only arming me with the best acting techniques on offer at a global standard, Kim challenges you in a tough love way to tackle and overcome your deepest fears and blocks not only as an actor but as a person and in total honestly has helped me become a braver man who loves parts of him self now he would never dare embrace before meeting her. If you pass up an opportunity to work with this woman you are bloody foolish to be blunt, as she has not only changed my life and career, but I have been witness to the profound effect she has had on countless others. If you want actually go to work and dig deep, I could think of no better person to guide you through that journey with a big ass torch of compassion and self love to boot. Do yourself a favour….”

MICHAEL DEED (Brisbane Working Actor)
 “This was one of the most challenging workshops I have ever attended. It’s confronting, it’s intense, it’s physically and mentally hard but if you stay open and just let go, you will find a new level to your performance you didn’t even know existed.”
TASHA SAUNDERS Melbourne Working Actor
Sexuality on Screen
“This workshop is a powerful and important way to explore your sexuality on screen. You become completely empowered and comfortable within your skin and your own self expression. Kim is warm and generous with her time and makes you feel excited and enriched by the work. We work slowly and specifically to explore this delicate area within performance. When it comes to sexuality there are so many facets and Kim’s innate ability to provide a fun and safe space encourages you to learn about yourself and your expression in order to remove blocks and allow choices in your craft that support character and story. I have gained a better understanding of my old limitations that I used to place on myself and therefore my craft. With Kim’s guidance I have now removed them and I feel freer in my performance. If your looking for the specificity in your work that I think all actors crave, then I deeply encourage you to take this workshop.”
KOREY WILLIAMS – Brisbane/Gold Coast Working Actor
“I was lucky to take part in Kim Farrant Sexuality on Screen workshop, hosted by Christopher Sommers & Angela Olyslager Jones @The FACTORY. This workshop really pushed me to places I didn’t think we’re possible. It was very confronting at times! But it was also so empowering and freeing & exhilarating. It will Challenge you to face your blocks, (demons) but will also bring real feeling’s to your Acting. I highly recommend Kim’s workshops to any Actors looking too add tools needed to bring real emotions to their work. I felt safe, and I felt love in the room! Was like really groovy. Watching everyone’s scenes at the end, and witnessing true feelings! so cool.”
SHANE EMMETT – Sydney Working Actor
“Dear Kim,
I’m sorry this has taken a few days to write, but I just wanted to allow my thoughts to percolate so that I could try and do justice to my experience at your workshop in Sydney last week. To be honest, I have never felt more connected to myself, both physically, emotionally and spiritually as I do right now. I found your workshops to be the most transformative 48 hours of my life. 
On the surface level, the tools you have given me as an actor are invaluable and allow me to hone my craft in a profound way.. But on a deeper level, the tools you have given me as a human being are life changing tools and have enabled me to journey deep within myself connecting me to a cosmic lifeblood that is both terrifying and divine. I can not thank you enough for the work you do and the impact that you have had on me personally. I loved working so much with you in “Rush” all those years ago that I could not resist the opportunity to attend your workshop in Sydney. But nothing could have prepared me for the profound impact that you have truly had. Kim Farrant you are truly a divine human being. You are inspiring, patient, intuitive, visionary, passionate and extraordinarily talented. I am truly humbled to know you.
With all my love and adoration.
Shane Emmett”
“Working with Kim Farrant is always a special experience, she is one of the rare mentors that you find in life that not only influences the craft, but also the life you lead outside of it. She brings an incredible amount of experience, professionally and personally, to the table, and uses all of it, along with an incredible intuition for what precisely is blocking the actor, in a way that is both encouraging and nurturing. She will constantly push you to better yourself as an actor, as an artist and as a human being and will at no stage leave you unsupported, always seeming to know a little bit about you that you may not have even been aware of yourself. She will be by your side each step of the way, never letting you get away with half truths. It’s this kind of powerful teaching that all actors should throw themselves at at every opportunity. Finally, Kim shows nothing but total faith in the work of the actor and director as an awesomely powerful vehicle for story. At no moment will she let the actor fall, reminding them precisely who they are representing, and who they are fighting for in their work as the character. Always remembering that we are not simply here for entertainment, but are here to serve a greater purpose of shining a light on stories of suffering and heartache that would otherwise go unnoticed. She is a mentor, she is a master, she is an inspiration.”

LOUISE THOMPSON – LA working Actor
“All I can say is “Wow” I recently did Kim’s Dec, 2 day workshop in LA…I mean I have trained at a top UK Drama School and attended other classes here in LA, but I have never had such a deep and meaningful experience that immediately and individually addressed my specific creative block and dealt with it effectively!!

Kim seemed to have a great talent at intuitively knowing EXACTLY what you needed to address and face head on what was in your way, she helps and guides you to open up and free yourself from unconscious blocks that you have, but are resistant to deal with! And believe me I am quite in my head most of the time, so this was a real challenge for me to even access what was happening within!!

I always knew that deep down I held myself back from some sort of fear but never knowing why and how to deal with it…This literally changed after working with Kim! I was reluctant at first and at one point even wanted to walk out! But I knew that was the sole reason I was there, so I somehow found my courage and was extremely comforted with the safe space that is created by Kim. I worked with her and unlocked my creative block. 

 …Afterward my scene felt alive and I felt connected to my scene partner and my truth.  THAT is what acting GOOD acting must be at all times, but never had I been able to understand what was getting in my way.

Thank you Kim!! I highly recommend this to anyone that knows they are not working at their truest potential!

This business is fierce, so we owe it to ourselves and to the world to be the best versions of ourselves and tell incredible stories that change society for the better! xo”
NICK DALE – Sydney Working Actor
 “I’m still in awe of the massive effect Kim Farrant has had on me not only as an actor but a human being. Her workshop was truly an adventure of the soul and the craft of acting. Kim has an incredible ability to create a beautifully safe, nurturing environment that makes you want to give of yourself completely. She leads you gently yet firmly through a range of radical tools that get you digging deeper into your truth and pulling it out, all in service of your character and the craft. Kim has a sharp intuition and deep understanding of human psychology. She has an uncanny ability to know exactly what you need and works right by your side to nudge you into your full capacity. Her own courage and willingness to face life and her own truths makes you want to live more fully in and out of the work. 

I felt a major shift and breakthrough, like my eyes have been peeled open and I’ve reclaimed my own truth and essence. And my heart filled as I watched my fellow actors blossom in the two days – I felt a renewed understanding and love for the craft of acting and the beautiful way it connects and heals. 
Kim is a truly humble, patient, selfless, giving artist who is a complete gift to the art of storytelling and film.”

TESTIMONIALS about Michael Holt:

“In addition to knowing everything about fitness, Michael is inquisitive and constantly educating himself about new aspects of health & well-being for your benefit: from nutrition to meditation and everything in between. Michael Holt is more than a trainer; there’s a reason I make sure I see him 5 days a week.”

“Michael is that enviable mix of competence and skill and personality. He has never neglected the emotional or mental states that drive or sabotage my self-improvement. He brings a tremendous knowledge and our sessions are always well thought-out, varied and geared towards my personal needs.”

“Michael’s support, encouragement, and calm demeanor directed my focus to the importance of correct form and breath; and, ultimately, a healthier body mind”

“Every time I leave the gym I feel great, both physically and spiritually. Michael’s attitude towards wellness is holistic and all-encompassing. Our training leaves me feeling prepared to face the challenges of my life.”

“Michael pushes me while maintaining his patience for my limitations, and I leave our sessions each time with both a new-found knowledge of Self, and a great sense of personal accomplishment.”

“Michael provided excellent protection services for us during a recent tour stop in LA. Not only was he great with the artists, but he understood the delicate balance of allowing fans to have a good time while keeping the artists safe and secure.”